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There is a worldwide belief that cosmetic dentistry is just for the wealthy, VIPs and celebs but it is rightly not so. The cosmetic dentistry has plenty of options to give a good makeover to your discolored and stained smile which is within reach of millions of people around the globe. From subtle changes to major oral surgery, there are a host of treatment options in the cosmetic dentistry makeover that can treat discolored, chipped, misshapen, or missing teeth. As a matter of fact, cosmetic dentistry has become order of the day that everyone has to undergo once in a while in their lifetime to improve their smile. 

Still unsure to undergo the techniques of cosmetic dentistry? Here is what you need to know before making the decision.

How cosmetic dentistry is different than traditional dentistry?


While traditional dentistry focuses to improve the health of your teeth and gums, cosmetic dentistry emphasizes on improving the appearance of your teeth and beautifying smile. From replacing the missed or decayed teeth to whitening the discolored teeth and brightening up the stained smile, the treatment options of cosmetic dentistry covers up everything.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Options -

There is a host of cosmetic dentistry procedures available that include but not limited to……

  • Teeth whitening -

Teeth whitening is one of the most preferred and popular treatment options to brighten up the discolored smile. It is a non invasive and painless procedure to transform the smile in a matter of minutes.

  • Bonding -

Bonding is done to improve the appearance of chipped, cracked, stained, broken or an aligned teeth. In bonding, tooth-colored materials are applied to the tooth surface.

  • Veneers -

Veneers are custom-made porcelain shells that cover up the top surface of the teeth so as to disguise the discoloration or imperfections.

  • Reshaping -

Reshaping also known as dental contouring involves changing the natural appearance of the teeth by modifying or removing enamel. Tooth reshaping is often combined with bonding.

  • Crown -

Dental crown can fix a "gummy" smile or an uneven gum line by eliminating excess gum tissue to expose more of the tooth's crown. The procedure is done to get the appearance of longer teeth. This procedure is a little painful as it involves minor oral surgery.

Smile Makeovers -

Cosmetic dentistry is a good option to transform the smile. In the various treatments of cosmetic dentistry, a comprehensive assessment is done of your overall appearance of the teeth and gum. Thereafter, the cosmetic dentist decides a right treatment plan to overhaul the look of your smile. Think of it as a facelift for the mouth. So, even if not everyone is blessed with having naturally perfect teeth, anyone can attain a dazzling smile with the help of a cosmetic dentist.

If you are looking for an easy solution to replace your damaged or missing teeth, and regain your confidence then take a look at how cosmetic dentistry dentures have become one of the best solutions in the recent years.

Here’s all you should know about this amazing cosmetic dentistry treatment:

What are Dentures?

Cosmetic dentistry dentures are basically artificial gums and teeth that are created by your dentist to replace missing or broken tooth or teeth. Dentures can either be partial or full, meaning they can either replace few teeth that are missing or are broken or, all teeth on either the bottom or top gum line. However, regardless of what type of dentures you may require, they can be customized by your dentist to visually match your original and existing teeth, and properly fit your mouth.

What are Dentures made up of?

In the past, dentures were made of plastic or porcelain, but today, they are generally made of hard resin. The materials used to make dentures are considered to be more fragile than the natural teeth and they can also easily crack or chip if dropped or maintained properly. Moreover, the material also wears down much quicker as compared to natural teeth, and therefore, they must be replaced by a new set of dentures every 4 to 5 years or so. On the other hand, the supporting structure of dentures that firmly holds the artificial teeth and resembles as the natural gum line is made of a similar resin or a flexible polymer material that fits perfectly on the natural gum line.

How long they last?

With time, your dentures will definitely need to be reclined, rebased, or remade due to normal wear. Also, over a period of time and as you age; your mouth will also naturally change. All these changes cause your dentures to loosen up, making eating difficult and pain in the gums. So, at a minimum, you should consult your dentist annually for a thorough check-up.

Besides, there are also a few tips that you should follow for the maintenance and care of your dentures:

-    Dentures are sensitive and delicate and may easily break if dropped. So, when putting your dentures in your mouth, make sure to stand over a towel or basin of water.

-    Brush your tongue, palate, and gums every morning with a soft-bristled brush before you put in your dentures. This helps remove plaque and also stimulates circulation in your gum tissues.

-    Never let your dentures dry out. Always put them in plain water or a denture cleanser solution when you’re not using them. However, don’t use hot water as it can make the dentures to warp.

-    If your dentures break, crack, chip or become loose, immediately see your dentist. Don’t try to adjust them yourself, as this can damage them more.

So, these are a few major things you should be aware of dentures so you can decide whether you ought to go for them or not. Furthermore, if you are still not sure whether or not dentures are good for you, talk to your dentist today and discuss your issues with them.

Nothing on your face can make a greater contribution that your smile. That is why it is imperative that you look for ways to enhance your smile. While there are so many home remedies available to restore one’s smile, nothing can match the outcome provided by the various procedures of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dental procedures offer several benefits including brighter teeth, straighter teeth, correction of broken teeth, replacement of lost teeth and many more.

However, it is quite intimidating to determine what treatment procedure of cosmetic dentistry can better suit to your dental condition. But bother not, there are the professional cosmetic dentists who will help you suggest the right treatment for you. 

Here I have given a brief outline of Cosmetic Dentistry Services and who they are prescribed for:


  • Tooth Whitening -

Tooth whitening is indeed one of the most popular treatment options available in cosmetic dentistry. It is a procedure to correct tooth discoloration and staining. Along with correcting the tooth stains, the procedure of tooth whitening can be performed to simply achieve brighter and whiter smile. It is a simple, non-invasive and cost effective procedure available at most dental clinic.


  • Veneers -

Veneers are the other most commonly used dental procedures that can improve the aesthetic appeal of your smile dramatically. Veneers are the ideal option for the people who have worn, chipped, gappy, discolored or misaligned teeth. Veneers are the custom made dental products bonded permanently on the front part of your teeth. They look like your real tooth in terms if shape, size and color. They are the ideal option for the restorative purpose as well.


  • Bonding -

Bonding is another treatment option available in cosmetic dentistry. In this treatment option, composite resin is bonded to your teeth so as to correct tooth fractures, discoloration, chipping and different stages of decay. Bonding can be used in the same cases where veneers are used. It all depends on you and your dentist what options rightly suits to your needs.


  • Fillings -

Fillings are most commonly used to restore decayed teeth. Filling are the composite materials filled in the decayed part of the teeth. It looks more natural and thus blends in with the appearance of the existing teeth.

No matter what treatment option you are recommended by your cosmetic dentist, there are always the benefits that you will enjoy for longer by achieving the improved smile. Enhanced smile will not only improve one’s appearance but also boost the confidence because having a good appearance is an imperative element of self confidence.

What is more refreshing than a glass of chilled drink during the blister summer days? If you say anything but not the icy drink, you have definitely got the sensitive teeth. And if you have got the sensitive teeth, it is not only the cold beverages that you will have to deprive yourself of, hot food items and sweet dishes can be equally painful as the icy drinks.

Sensitive teeth are not the uncommon dental disorder. As per a 2013 study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, around 1 out of 10 individuals suffers from tooth sensitivity. While sensitivity is not the most painful dental trauma, the intermittent or chronic pain that comes with this dental issue can be tough to live with.

It is really a matter of big concern if you are dealing with the pain of sensitive tooth but the good news is that there is a cure to this dental trauma. The Cosmetic Dentistry has got the different treatment options to kill the tooth sensitivity issues but as with most things, the best form of treatment is prevention.

In order to help you prevent tooth sensitivity, here I have compiled a list of some of the top causes and their associated solutions…..

1. Tooth Enamel - One of the key causes of your tooth sensitivity can be your high-acidic diet. Tooth enamel that protects the teeth can be worn due to high-acidic diet. Tooth enamel can also be worn down by a number of other things including aging, overly aggressive tooth brushing and dental disease.

Solution - Stay away from taking such things like fruit juice, tomato sauce, vinegar, etc. Visit your dentist at least two times a year to make sure that your teeth are in optimal health. Also, you can consider getting Cosmetic Dentistry Services to support tooth enamel longevity.


2. Oral Hygiene Practices - Do you know oral hygiene practices can also cause tooth sensitivity? Yes, you read it right! People often think that the more they brush their teeth, the harder they do and the longer they brush, the better their oral health will be. However, it is not always the case. Over-brushing can actually leave a detrimental effect on your teeth. It can strip away the teeth enamel, which in turn can lead to tooth sensitivity issues.

Solution - The solution to all issues lies in moderation. Consider investing in an electric toothbrush that will let you know if you are brushing too hard or for too long. Also, get in contact with your cosmetic dentist to evaluate your brushing habits; he will advise you how to better care for your teeth.


3. Chipped or Cracked Teeth - Chipped or cracked teeth expose sensitive parts of the teeth such as nerves, which in turn put you at the risk of extreme sensitivity pain. There are a number of factors that can be accountable to cause chips or cracks in the teeth. Athletes are under an increased risk of this threat, especially those who are in high contact sports like boxing, football, hockey etc. however, even the smallest things can lead to a chips, cracks or fracture in the tooth. In fact, eating hard can also cause damage to the teeth. Tooth decay can also be a factor to cause chipped and cracked tooth.

Solution - Since the cause of sensitive tooth here is chipped and crooked teeth, the solution also lies in fixing the same issue first. For minor ships or cracks, your dentist can simply smooth and polish the tooth. For moderate chips and cracks, crown or dental filling can be required to restore the tooth. For extreme cases, a root canal can be the best option to restore the tooth and kill the sensitivity. Also, if you are an athlete, do consider wearing a mouthguard to prevent any sort of oral trauma.

Get in contact with the best dental cosmetic surgeons now to know what is the reason behind your tooth sensitivity issue and what is it solution?

While the importance of traditional dentistry that focuses on oral health and hygiene, preventing dental problems, diagnosing and treating oral diseases, can never be denied, the significance of cosmetic dentistry that focuses on improving one’s smile also not be underestimated. In other words, traditional dentistry provides essential or restorative treatments to a dental patient whereas cosmetic dentistry provides desired treatments.

As a matter of fact, in today’s ostentatious world, the importance of advanced cosmetic dentistry has received much hype than ever.

Treatment options available in today’s Cosmetic dentistry -

The technological advancements in the dental treatments have made today’s cosmetic dentistry more durable and predictable than the past few years.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments currently in use include…..

  • Teeth Whitening -

Teeth whitening is the first and foremost treatment option enjoyed by a huge majority of patients across the globe. Who doesn’t want to have beautiful smile? Of course, we all! But our stained and yellowish teeth prevent us to do so. This is where teeth whitening treatment comes into the role. People undergoing this treatment option can get rid of any kind of tooth stains and discoloration without incurring any surgery or pain.

  • Dental Implants -

Dental implants are actually the tooth replacement option used to compensate the missed tooth. The patients undergoing the dental implant often experience improved oral hygiene and enhanced smile. Since missing teeth cause the face to collapse, making you look older, dental implants let you enjoy a youthful appearance too.

  • Inlays/Onlays -

Inlays/Onlays, also known as indirect fillings, made from porcelain or composite materials are an aesthetically pleasing way to provide a “filling” to decayed teeth or similar structural damage. Inlays and onlays are made in a dental lab and then adhesively bonded into place by your dentist. 

  • Cosmetic Bonding -

Cosmetic Bonding is a way to correct chipped, broken, discolored or decayed teeth. In the procedure, a dental composite material is applied into the cavity, where it is then sculpted into shape, contoured and hardened with a high-intensity light. The result is natural looking tooth restoration that blends seamlessly with the rest of the surrounding tooth structure and you can create a healthy, bright smile.

  • Smile Makeover -

Smile makeover is actually a complete assessment of your oral hygiene and dental health with an aim to improve dental health and enhance smile. For a complete smile makeover, typically, more than 1 dental treatment can be required. For instance, your cosmetic dentist may ask you to undergo teeth whitening treatment, dental implant or any such restorative dental treatment option.

Indeed advanced cosmetic dentistry is a valuable option for a complete smile makeover and improved dental health as well. Get in contact with your cosmetic dentist now for a better oral health and hygiene!