Cosmetic Dentistry Dentures - A few prudent things to know about this Dental Procedure!!

If you are looking for an easy solution to replace your damaged or missing teeth, and regain your confidence then take a look at how cosmetic dentistry dentures have become one of the best solutions in the recent years.

Here’s all you should know about this amazing cosmetic dentistry treatment:

What are Dentures?

Cosmetic dentistry dentures are basically artificial gums and teeth that are created by your dentist to replace missing or broken tooth or teeth. Dentures can either be partial or full, meaning they can either replace few teeth that are missing or are broken or, all teeth on either the bottom or top gum line. However, regardless of what type of dentures you may require, they can be customized by your dentist to visually match your original and existing teeth, and properly fit your mouth.

What are Dentures made up of?

In the past, dentures were made of plastic or porcelain, but today, they are generally made of hard resin. The materials used to make dentures are considered to be more fragile than the natural teeth and they can also easily crack or chip if dropped or maintained properly. Moreover, the material also wears down much quicker as compared to natural teeth, and therefore, they must be replaced by a new set of dentures every 4 to 5 years or so. On the other hand, the supporting structure of dentures that firmly holds the artificial teeth and resembles as the natural gum line is made of a similar resin or a flexible polymer material that fits perfectly on the natural gum line.

How long they last?

With time, your dentures will definitely need to be reclined, rebased, or remade due to normal wear. Also, over a period of time and as you age; your mouth will also naturally change. All these changes cause your dentures to loosen up, making eating difficult and pain in the gums. So, at a minimum, you should consult your dentist annually for a thorough check-up.

Besides, there are also a few tips that you should follow for the maintenance and care of your dentures:

-    Dentures are sensitive and delicate and may easily break if dropped. So, when putting your dentures in your mouth, make sure to stand over a towel or basin of water.

-    Brush your tongue, palate, and gums every morning with a soft-bristled brush before you put in your dentures. This helps remove plaque and also stimulates circulation in your gum tissues.

-    Never let your dentures dry out. Always put them in plain water or a denture cleanser solution when you’re not using them. However, don’t use hot water as it can make the dentures to warp.

-    If your dentures break, crack, chip or become loose, immediately see your dentist. Don’t try to adjust them yourself, as this can damage them more.

So, these are a few major things you should be aware of dentures so you can decide whether you ought to go for them or not. Furthermore, if you are still not sure whether or not dentures are good for you, talk to your dentist today and discuss your issues with them.